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Lucy's First Vacation: Nashville, TN!

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Sorry I've been a bit MIA with my posts but we were so busy enjoying our first vacation as a family that I didn't want to miss a moment of it! Now that we're home and settled I wanted to share what a wonderful time we had and all the delicious food we ate!

We traveled to Nashville for my cousins wedding and had an amazing time! Lucy had so much fun at the wedding and this was the first time she ever stayed up past her bedtime! She had a ball and slept in late the next day! The wedding was a joyous occasion, my cousin looked absolutely stunning, and the venue was perfect! Such a great time!

Here's our sleepy girl in the big bed! She loved that cozy bed a lot more than the resort crib!

Earlier in the week we took Lucy to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. She loves being outdoors so we thought it would be the perfect place to take her. She had such a wonderful time looking at all the flowers, trees, and streams. They even had a really cool outdoor train exhibit. We really enjoyed it too!

We also brought her to the Adventure Science Center and we all had so much fun! Lucy's aunties and grandpa came and we all loved seeing her explore! She really liked the exhibits that lit up!

We also had a few pool days! Lucy loves her tub and little pool at home so we figured she would love the big pool and we were right! She had a great time splashing around!

The Wyndham Nashville Resort is gorgeous and spacious! There are three large pools and two kiddie pools so there's always room for fun! The resort also has the sweetest little herb garden where guests can pick whatever they would like! We took full advantage of having fresh herbs readily available, just like at home, and used them in our meals we cooked in our condo. We really enjoyed having a full kitchen so that we could still make some of our meals ourselves. It's fun to eat out but it's nice to know you can still cook if you want too! We made breakfast everyday and dinner a few times!

But we also went out and tried the local vegan restaurants. They were all amazing!

The first place we tried was AVO. This place set the bar high! We each had their avocado margaritas and they were AMAZING!

We shared a ton of food because there was so much that we wanted to try! We decided to start with this vegan cheese platter and it was incredible.

We also shared a kale caesar salad, fingerling potatoes, and a lentil walnut cheeseburger. There was not a thing we didn't like!

The second place we visited was Sunflower Cafe. I had a BBQ bowl and local ginger kombucha. We shared a cookie dough parfait for dessert. Everything here was amazing as well and everyone was so friendly!

Next, we went to the Wild Cow. This was the day we went to the science museum so my dad and sisters were with us. We all shared nachos as an appetizer and everybody loved them. I had the roasted portabella burger with a side of garlicky kale as my entree. Super yummy!

The last vegan restaurant we went to in Nashville was Graze and it was a great way to end our trip! We started with the chickpea bay cakes and loaded potatoes. The bay cakes were one of the best things I had all week! I am definitely going to be trying to replicate this recipe in the near future!

And look at these potatoes! Unbelievable!

I also had the crispy brussels and mushroom sandwich. The oyster mushrooms were so tasty and I ate the whole thing even though I was already pretty full from the appetizers!

Jordan had the hot tempeh sandwich and really enjoyed it as well!

We had such a wonderful time on our first family vacation and were lucky to have so many food options! We're glad we were able to get to all the places we wanted to go and I would highly recommend all of these restaurants if you ever visit Nashville!

Enjoy! xoxo

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