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  • Haley Addis

Thyme Bath Salts

I wanted to make a simple favor to give all of my guests at our Mother's Day Brunch. I decided a bath salt gift would be perfect because it is easy to make and it is something that everyone could use. I chose to use thyme essential oil for two reasons. One, it is supportive of a healthy immune system so would be soothing and healing in a bath when sick. Two, it is purifying for the skin so could promote healthy looking skin after a bath! It's a win-win because it could make you feel better when you're sick and look better when you're healthy! The recipe for the salts below made enough to fill 12 of the 4 oz sized mason jars but if you want to make smaller amounts a ratio of 10 drops thyme essential oil to 1 cup of epsom salt would be sufficient. I made the labels on top by tracing circles of the jar lids on card stock, cutting them out, and then finished with a stamp!


Thyme Bath Salts (Makes 12 favors)


3 1/2 cups epsom salt

35 drops thyme essential oil*

1 tbs olive oil

handful fresh thyme

12 4 oz mason jars


1. Combine salt, essential oil, olive oil, and thyme in a large bowl.

2. Divide evenly into jars.

3. Add some fresh thyme leaves to the top for an added touch!

*You can purchse doTERRA thyme essential oil through my website here:

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