• Haley Addis

Why am I a plant-based mama?

First things first, I am a mama to the MOST adorable little girl in the entire world! I mean look at those cheeks!

Lucy is my number one priority and in order for that to remain constant, my husband and I feel that we need to live a healthy lifestyle so that we can give her 110%. Living a plant-based lifestyle, we feel, is the best way stay healthy and active. We're also animal lovers and want to raise Lucy to be compassionate and loving towards animals as well. We consider animals to be friends and don't feel any need to include them in our diet as we can get all the necessary nutrients we need from plant-based foods and minor supplements (we only take vitamin B12). Finally, eating a plant-based diet is the most sustainable for our environment. We may not see the destruction of our planet in our lifetime, but we don't want to contribute to it for our future generations. These reasons are enough for us to try to attain a better life for ourselves and our sweet little girl. We feel that we can still enjoy the pleasures of life while following this lifestyle and look forward to sharing it with all of you!

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